The Shopalyst Landing page serves as a call-to-action (CTA) destination for digital advertisements on popular media platforms like Facebook, YouTube among others. Every click of a CTA on your brand media that reaches our servers is considered a "Store View".

We use a very conservative, accurate and verifiable process to measure store views. A request that reaches the Shopalyst network is counted as a valid, billable store view if all of the following conditions are satisfied :

1. Our servers respond with a preliminary HTML document in response to a technical and logically correct request.

• A technically valid request (HTTP GET )

• Valid campaign id and brand name (in the URL)

• Traffic from a active campaign

2. A complete HTML document is returned without errors

• Complete DOM structure

• An HTTP response code of 200 is sent to the requestor

3. Not from a list of non-human requests

• Potentially bot initiated traffic (like repeated requests from same IP address)

• Experimental traffic (like FB pre-fetch requests)

• Requests from known sources that has to be ignored (like Dalvik User agents)

• Any other unusual activity that does not relate to normal user behavior

4. There exists a complete HTTP log for the request that can be verified