Yes. Shopalyst can serve a dynamic landing page as a destination for sponsored Search Ads. This creates the ability for brands to use one destination for all their search ad campaigns.

This can feature brand content relevant to the search keywords, and also facilitate easy product discovery and purchase. For example, if the search query is "paraben free shampoo", the landing page can feature a related video as the hero content (from the brand's official YouTube channel), and also showcase related shampoos and conditioners from the brand's catalog to facilitate easy shopping.

The sponsored ad could also include site links to specific product pages featuring comparison shopping across various e-commerce sites.


Shopalyst Studio lets you personalize content and commerce widgets based on keyword(s). You can also choose to serve this page from your own subdomain (for ex. With this capability, brands no longer need to invest in websites/micro-sites to land users from Search, and will also save on the operational effort to manage individual campaigns and their destinations.