1. Share product details( EAN/UPC or brand pages on retailer)

2. Specify the merchants which have to be featured on the page

3. Share media plan

4. Approve the content that we have placed or share the content to be placed on the page

5. Procedure to host landing page under brand's sub-domain

6. We will provide details and samples of what tags need to be shared based on media plan

7. We will share inputs on the placement of widgets on the page based on media plan

8.  We will share inputs on the type of campaigns you can run

9. Tags need to be placed for all platforms where audience needs to be collected

10. All UTMs (source, medium, term, campaign) need to be setup based on the creatives

Content (if required) specifications :

1. Static Banner - 720* any height

2. Video - YouTube url

3. Social media post - Links

4. GIF - Less than 700KB