This article explains how do I share Twitter access with Shopalyst Discovery Commerce Cloud.

Create your own Twitter App

Create a Twitter App

  1. Access the site at

  2. Sign in using your credentials (user id and password)

  3. Click on the Create Project menu option as in the snapshot below.

  1. Click on the Create new App option.

  1. Fill out the details required in the next screen.

Copy and store the API Key, API Key Secret and Bearer Token values from the subsequent screen. You need to share these details with the Shopalyst team.

  1. Note down the id of the newly created app.

Subscribe to Twitter Ad Campaigns

  1. Visit the url - and click on the Apply For Ads API Access button under step three of the page.

  1. Enter all relevant information, including the app id that you got in the prior step.

  1. Click on the Submit button so that your request for enrollment will be submitted for Twitter support team’s review.

  1. You should get a notification mail, about the status of your request, from Twitter to the mail id that you mentioned while submitting the request. If not then drop a note to with details and they will get back to you.

  1. Send out a mail to mentioning the twitter handle of your ads account and id of the newly created twitter App. So that Twitter will link the latest app to your Ad account.

Share the app details with Shopalyst

  1. Go back to the developers portal @ You need to generate the access token and secret for the app that you had just created. 

  1. Go to the Keys and Tokens tab. You might have to generate some of the values in the below screen when you are accessing this tab for the first time. Please note down and share API Key, API Secret Key, Bearer Token, Access Token and Access Token Secret with Shopalyst team.