Add a new user in DV360

Login to your DV360 account, select user management and click on New User. Enter Name: Shopalyst Signal and Email:


Provide access

Select the partner for which you wish to delegate access to Shopalyst. Add the required permissions to view campaigns and download reports. Make a note of this partner id.

Share details

Once the above steps are done, inform the Shopalyst team reg the provisioned access along with the partner id. It will take a day to verify the access.

Provide access to private table data

DV360 maintains several types of mappings (ex: Creative name to id, advertiser name to id etc…) in private tables in a Google Cloud bucket. This bucket name will be gdbm-<partnerid>. Provide access to this bucket by accessing the following URL:<partnerid>

Instructions for providing access are given in the following video: