Create your own facebook App

The following steps describe how to create your own facebook App and enable it for Shopalyst Discovery Commerce Ad Builder.

Create a facebook App

  1. Go to and create a new app

  2.  Manage integrations for your business must be selected as the option while creating the app.

  1. The type of the App must be Business.

  1. In the Basic settings, provide the display name, brand privacy policy URL, App Icon and the Website URL. For the Website URL, you may use 

  1. Make a note of the App ID and App Secret from the Basic Settings page. This along with the Access Token generated in the subsequent step must be shared with the Shopalyst Team for enabling the Shopalyst Discovery Commerce Ad Builder Access

Submit facebook App for review

The facebook App created in the above step needs to be added with the required permissions and submitted for review so that the facebook team can grant them. 

  1. Add Shopalyst Team as Administrators of the App. Go to Roles -> Roles -> Add Administrators and Add the following people: kckcinashly.varghese.9674

  1. Select the Permissions and Features and submit the App for review. (Please note: If you are unable to do this step on your own, you may reach out to the Shopalyst Team added above to complete this step. From the menu option App Review -> Permissions or Features, select the following: ads_management, ads_read, catalog_management, pages_read_engagementpages_show_listpages_manage_ads, business_management and Ads Management Standard Access

  1. Add the required details explaining how the permissions will be used by the App. The details are provided in the Appendix

Configure the App in Business Settings

  1. Go to

  2. Select Business Settings -> Accounts -> Apps. Add the App created in the previous step by clicking on the Add -> Connect an App id option on the screen.

  1. Add a system user and assign the App that was added to the Business 

Generate access token

If you are generating the access token before your app review is approved by the facebook team, you will need to regenerate the token once again after the review is completed so that the access token can use the approved permissions.

  1. While in the Business Settings screen, click on the option Generate New Token for the system user that was created in the previous step. Save the token. Share the App ID, App Secret and the Access Token with the Shopalyst Team.

Please ensure that you have selected the right application, the one that you had created and  configured in the previous steps, and also that all the required permissions have also been selected before clicking on the Generate Token button in the popup window.