Share of Search

Apart from search rank, what other insights can I gain from a product's search result?

We now show the product's rank trend for past 7 days along with the day's absolute rank in the search listing screen. The Shopalyst Score is newly added to give an indication of the search performance based on past 30 days data. Higher score indicates a strong search performance. This score is calculated based on the absolute rank, the ranks over past 30 days and the recent ranks.

"View also found in" link shows the other keywords where this product featured in search result.

Share of Shelf

Additional insights for share of shelf card.

Similar to the share of search, we now show the past 7 days rank, the Shopalyst Score, and the "View also found in" link on the trending products page.

Share of Voice

Additional filters for share of voice.

You can now filter the share of voice by page types. Use Home or Menu to filter by generic pages, and use Category to filter by specific pages where your brand is expected to feature in banners.

In the share of voice export by competitors screen, we now provide the absolute number of banners for own brands as well as for competitor brands, in addition to the share of voice.

Performance improvements

Improvements to the loading time of share of search card has gone in Feb sprint. Both the summary and detail cards now load much faster, thanks to tuning at multiple levels.