On Shelf Availability

Enabled location based availability 

(i) We have enabled location based availability in the on shelf availability card. As of now, we have started with only merchant Bigbasket. Please refer to the screenshot below to see the locations in the drop down under the merchant Bigbasket. On selecting a location, it shows the availability data for the particular location. 

(ii) We have added another status in the EAN level card showing "Not listed" products. The status reflects as "Not Listed" when the product does not appear on the website or at a particular location. The status "Not Available" states that the product is out of stock on the website for the location that you have selected. Please refer to the attached screenshots below.

Review Score

Enabled advanced filter in reviews card.

We have enabled the advanced filter in the review card which can be used to apply brand and category or brand/sub brand and sub category combinations to see the results. Please find the screenshots below for reference.

Share Of Voice Card

Types of Banners enabled in the Share of voice card.

In the share of Voice card, we have now added the types of banners. We identify the type of banners through a machine learning algorithm that reads the texts from the banners and buckets it into different types of banners. For example: Promotion, Awareness and New Arrival. It is enabled across all the merchants. 

~Team Shopalyst.