On shelf availability

Enabled location based availability 

i) We have enabled location based availability for all the location based merchants in the on shelf availability card. Earlier, we had started with only merchant Bigbasket. Now the location wise tracking is enabled for all the location based merchants (Amazon pantry, Grofers, etc). Please refer to the screenshot below to see the locations in the drop down under the merchants. On selecting a location, it shows the availability data for that particular location. 

ii) The additional feature involves showing the total number of products tracked, listed products, out of stock and not listed products merchants wise and location wise for location based merchants. Please find the attached screenshot for reference. 

We do not consider 'not listed' products in our calculation for OSA. We have now changed the calculation of OSA to (Listed products / ((Products tracked)-Not listed products) for location based merchants.

Selection of multiple retailers

You can now select multiple merchants instead of only one merchant from the merchant selection tab in the main market Insights page. This feature helps in selecting multiple merchants of your choice and analyse the data across all performance metrics. Please refer to the attached screenshot below.

Content card

Enabled advanced filters.

We have enabled advanced filters in content card. You can now apply brand and category or brand/sub brand and sub category combinations to see the results. Please find the screenshots below for reference.

~Team Shopalyst.