Shopalyst landing page builder app is built for marketers to craft and serve a unique landing page experience for every ad click, No coding is required just drag and drop widgets in our studio to craft landing pages that suit your ad and audience requirements.

Our widget library includes shopping actions, social media embeds, video, chat, voice, AR/VR, surveys, and more to help you craft landing pages that suit your ad and audience requirements.

You can instantly take these pages live without the need for any tech support. Our ad landing pages are hosted on our infrastructure provisioned for low latency loading and responsive rendering on all devices.

Let us see how easy it is to create a landing page that has a Banner, product carousel, and some social posts.

Best practices and creative specifications to refer to prior to the landing page creation process are available in this article

Steps to create a landing page follows:

  1. Login to Shopalyst Discovery Commerce platform (

  2. Click "Create a landing page" under the Experience app

  3. Setup theme and add the background image for the landing page

  4. Add/remove the required widget for the landing page and click "Save and Proceed"

  5. Copy the landing page URLs for your campaigns

  6. Setup the UTM parameters accordingly, details are available here

Advanced landing page creation instructions can be found in this article

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to support are here.