Shopalyst Brand Knowledge Graph (BKG) is a powerful tool that provides you with a visualisation of how the digital elements of the brands across top merchants are performing in terms of 

1. share of shelf

2. share of search

3. share of voice

4. share of buyability metrics like availability, ratings and discounts 

These help you to understand the market dynamics of the brand periodically based on correlations and empower you to make an informed decision.

The 4 digital elements of the leaderboard are shown below

Share of shelf  |  Sales velocity 

The share of shelf is computed across bestsellers from merchants enabling you a surrogate view of the digital market share through the share of digital shelf.

Share of search  |  Discoverability

The share of search is presented from the top keywords enabling you to understand the brand's instore and offstore discoverability in the search based on the trending search traits which would enable you to make your own brand discoverable.

Share of voice  |  Visibility

The share of voice is computed across merchants from the banners, and from across different social handles so that you can have visibility on the marcom factors that have impacted the marketshare of your own or competitor brands.


Availability, Discount & Ratings  | Buyability

This metric covers the discounts & consumer ratings which enable you to understand the correlation between the pricing/discounts vs on-shelf availability.


An overview of the dashboard comes below, where the hierarchy can be selected that you want to analyze further.

All the above said details are available with month-on-month changes which would enable you to understand the correlation between the change across the digital elements and the actual movement of the own and competitor brands and accordingly decide the further course of action. Also, you can see 3 month's score for each pillar on the dashboard

There are 3 levels of views for each metric explained above

1. Level 1: High-level view

2. Level 2: Detailed view

3. Level 3: In-depth view

Level 1: This level shows the high-level scores across all 4 metrics.

Level 2: This level shows the merchant level or platform level score for each metric.


Level 3This level shows in-depth information about the brands' metric level detailed view in terms of top traits of the product, top keywords, top banners, availability of the product at brand level and merchant level, etc along with the top products.

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