Know your brand's in-market Buyability, Sales Velocity, Visibility and Discoverability. 

Our Brand Knowledge Graph leverages in-market signals to model and report the following key metrics from the top 3 merchants of the category.

Sales Velocity

The sales velocity metric focuses on the brand's digital shelf. This score is based on the share of shelf for a brand, in a category across various e-commerce sites computed based on key signals that are surrogates for market share. We skim the top 100 bestsellers under each category and show the brand's share for those sets of products.


This score is based on the share of the search for a brand for popular keywords that shoppers often use when they are seeking solutions (Google search) or shopping (e-commerce search) under any category. The keywords could be generic or brand-specific. The top-performing keywords are those which have more brand products turning up in the search results. From the analysis, the low-performing keywords can be identified and actioned upon accordingly.


This score is based on the share of voice for a brand through advertising on video/social media platforms as well as on shopping sites. This is measured based on incremental viewership of brand posts, videos, and banners plus the reactions of consumers through likes, shares, reviews, ratings and subscriptions. The banners are taken from all the relevant page spots of the websites like home, category, and offers.


This score measures the impact of pricing and discounts and is based on how well the brands’ products are priced in comparison with substitutable peers in the category. The pricing and discount will be represented for all the selected merchants

Your brand's Knowledge graph is just a few clicks away.


Track key metrics of your brand's in-market performance, that include the search metrics, discount and availability, share of voice, and digital shelf. BKG (Brand Knowledge Graph) provides data at three levels/layers.

Level 1: Once the required hierarchy is selected, the leaderboard will present the overview of BKG metrics for the brands which have a market share above 0.2%. 

Level 2: In-depth information about your brand's performance

2.1 Sales velocity: The percentage of digital shelf i.e, the brand share in the top 100 products under each category, subcategory, division, and merchant at the merchant level

2.2 Discoverability: The Share of Search for each brand from the relevant keywords (In-Store & Off-Store keywords) that consumers use

Share of Search for the top three merchant sites which are relevant to the brand category. For eg: Grocery - Amazon, Flipkart, and BigBasket
The source of off-store metrics is based on google results for the searched keywords

2.3 Visibility: The share of voice based on the banners and social media platforms' engagement by the users

In-StoreShare of banners from the total banners from all the page Spots/Ads on the selected merchants.
Off-StoreThe Source of off-store metrics is based on social media engagement (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube)

2.4 Buyability - In Store metrics across ratings, availability, and discount from the selected merchant sites


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