Full-Funnel Campaign Reporting

Shopalyst has simplified reporting of the impact of each campaign i.e. building visibility for the brand, driving engagement with consumers, and delivering sales.

This dashboard provides you with key metrics for your campaign performance and offers insights based on benchmark data. This helps you take the right actions to optimize your ad delivery.

Through our integrations with popular media platforms, we help you gain access to real-time data on campaign performance. Every campaign now gets reported on a set of meaningful and actionable metrics:

The full-funnel screen provides filters that assist in narrowing down the search results to desired campaigns. These filters comprise various criteria, such as Brand name, platforms, and start and end dates of the campaign along with additional filters like

Template type- Standard and Discovery commerce

Campaign Type- Search, Display, and so on

Campaign objective- Awareness, Reach, Traffic, etc

Ad format- Image, Video, Display, etc

Geography-  Places and zipcodes( campaigns based on specific geographic locations)

You can add multiple values for Brands and platform filters under full funnel screen

Performance metrics and percentage change: 

  • Visibility: Impressions, Spends and CPM

  • Engagement: Clicks, CPC, and CTR

  • Sell-Thru: Visits, Product views, and Conversions.

The visibility, Engagement, and Sell Thru helps you to compare between the metrics for the selected time period and also help you to understand the percentage change of each metric from the previous time period. 

For example, if the total spend of December was Rs 93.4M and in the subsequent month of January the spend declined to Rs 82.4M, the dashboard will show a 12.68% declining trend. 

Steps to access Full-Funnel reporting:

  1. Go to the Full-Funnel Campaigns tab, select your brand, and click apply.
  2. Explore Visibility, Engagement, and Sell Through tabs for detailed reporting analysis.
  3. Check the chart that provides the trend of metrics by plotting the absolute value for the selected period.
  4. The trendline provides the direction of the performance over time, by selecting the metric in the second dropdown. The trendline reveals the overall direction of the metric - whether it is trending downward or upwards. If the metric supports planned values, then the dotted lines show the planned values instead of the trendline. 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3:

Step 4:

All landing pages

The "All landing page" report gives you access to all your landing page performance and lets you drill down to see the Channel overview, Shopper information, and conversion data.

This dashboard enables you to analyze of the landing page performance on 4 key dimensions

  1. Channel: Top traffic source

  2. Consumer: Device split and top locations

  3. Catalog: On Shelf Availability of products, and Discounting by Merchant(s)

  4. Commerce: Store Views, Product Views, Conversions, Top products, etc...

All Campaigns

The "All Campaigns" report gives you an overview of all your campaign performance and lets you drill down to see detailed campaign performance on different media platforms.

This dashboard presents a comprehensive list of metrics to measure your campaign performance, on multiple ad platforms. These metrics are depicted in graphs that further provide you access to Visibility metrics such as Campaign Spends, impressions, and CTR along with Engagement metrics that include Clicks, CTR, and CPC.

In addition to our Full-Funnel reporting dashboard, our Custom reporting feature will help you generate and schedule reports as per your requirement.

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to the support team are here.