This article refers to the key steps/action items which need to be covered in order to get started with Shopalyst Discovery Commerce effectively for a new brand/agency.

Checklist and action items

SL #StageActionOwnerRemarks
Media plan for the monthBrand/Agency
1bCampaign recommendations basis media planShopalyst
2aShare product details and merchants to be featured brand-wise on the 'shoppable' pagesBrand/AgencyProduct Requirement
2bShare sub-domain to host landing pages (Eg: or Shopalyst can create a new custom domain to share with you (Eg:
Details will be shared separately
2cDomain verification in Facebook Business ManagerBrand/Agency
3aStakeholders - platform and reporting access listBrand/AgencyList of Email IDs
3bPlatform onboarding session for StakeholdersShopalyst
4aCreating sample pages for testingBrand/Agency/Shopalyst
Audience tags/pixels to be added on pages to be shared
Pixel Value Reference
4cSet up of UTM parametersAgency
5Go-LiveActivate experiential commerce for Brand (URLs of brand stores will be provided by Shopalyst)Shopalyst/Agency
6Post-LiveWeekly cadence reviewsBrand/Agency/Shopalyst

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