Widget Name: Buy it now

The Shopalyst Buy it Now (BIN) widget is a simple to use plug and play library to enable rich shoppable experiences on your website. The BIN widget offers a rich API to customize the widget to fit your website and branding to create seamless and beautiful integration into your existing website.

Type of BIN Widgets

  1. Merchant Strip

  2. Product Description Page (PDP)

  3. BrandStore

Merchant Strip BIN:
Customizable and themeable widget which displays a list of merchants and the prices that a product is available at. Example BIN document is available here


Product Display Page is a widget that gives the complete product page experience including product information, images, and a list of retailers from which the user can buy a product from the merchant. Example BIN document is available here

BrandStore BIN:

The BrandStore widget is a media-rich landing page for users to learn about your product and purchase it from the retailers of their choice. Example BIN Document is available here

Get Started

To Get started, you will need the following information which will be provided to you by the Shopalyst Operations team

  1. publisherId: The unique publisher handle
  2. placementId: The unique placement identifier
  3. campaignId: The unique campaign identifier

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to the support team are here.