The appearance of your landing page plays an important role in the user experience on the landing page. You can set up and update the theme of your site as often as you like. This guide explains how to set up and switch themes and make sure your landing page looks just the way you like.

Shopalyst landing page builder lets you redesign your landing page with a fresh look, without having to recreate your landing page. 

Theme Pack

Apply the header color, button color, and background in one click using a theme pack curated by the application, you can choose the pre-loaded theme packs in 2 major options i.e. High Contrast and Complementary.

Choose Header & Button Color

Choose a header & button color for your landing page as per your brand's primary website theme or campaign's theme. The landing page builder lets choose the color manually from the theme color dialog box or you can update the color if you have the color code handy.

Choose a background image

Upload the background image for your landing page, the specification of the background image can be found in this article.

Setup Widget theme

Choose the widget background and text color manually using the Color dialog box or you can update the widget theme using the color codes can be found in this article

Choose your page font

By default, page font is set to Arial however landing page builder allows you to choose the fonts as per your choice, all major themes are available in the dropdown to choose.

Choose your page logo

The brand logo is set at the landing page by default, however, you can choose to change the logo at the landing page level, specification for the logo can be found in this article.

Customize the margin between widgets

By default, the margin between the widgets is set at 2px. However, you can choose to have the margin set as per your requirements, and there is the option to have no margin as well.

Please find the instructions to update the theme of your landing page in the following video 

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to the support team are here.