Widget Name: Enhanced Product Carousel/Grid

Enhanced Product Carousel/Grid widget gives the user to view retailer options in the initial viewport itself and helps in conversion optimization. This will also give the users the option to quickly compare the retailer's availability and prices. We recommend using 2 or more products in the widget as it would enhance the page layout.

Here is an example page using the Enhanced Product Carousel/Grid widget: Example here

Follow the below steps to use the Enhanced carousel widget:

Step 1: Select the Enhanced Product Carousel from the widget listing            

Step 2: Update the title of your widget based on your requirement. The default title for the widget is - Buy now from your favorite retailers.

Step 3: Click on the desired product to feature on the widget. selected products will have the "Green tick" on the packshot. 

Step 4: Upon selecting the products from the catalog, click the "ADD" button and

Shopalyst needs to index the products in order to list them on the catalog, please contact the support team to have your products indexed, instructions to reach out to the support team are available here.