Widget Name: Products

This feature/widget allows you to add desired products to your landing page.

Steps to use Products in your campaign

Step 1: Enter Segment Title

Step 2: Add the display option based on how you want the products to be seen either in a carousel or in a grid format. You can check the box near show product price if you want the product pricing to be seen

Step 3: Follow the below steps to select and Add desired products from the available products into your campaign

  • Search for the products you wish to add to your campaign by using either their EAN or title Or you can add the desired product by selecting the next page

  • Click on the product image and a tick mark will appear which means your product is added. Similarly, you can untick the selected product to remove them from the campaign

Step 4Click on Save and the selected products will reflect in your campaign


Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to support are here.