Widget Name: Multimedia Slider

Use this Widget to feature an image/video or both together on a Landing Page.

Instructions to Add Multimedia Slider to your landing page are available below:

  • Enter Segment Title

  • Select Video for the video slider and Image for the Image slider

  • For the VIDEO multimedia slider, select the videos from the list populated on the widget page or manually add a youtube URL as required
  • You can also autoplay the selected video by enabling autoplay under additional settings And upload a thumbnail image either via URL or by the Upload option

  • Click on ‘’ADD MORE +’’ to select and add more videos or Images

  • In order to add images, enter either the Image URL or upload the image using the upload image option

  • Once all the desired images and videos are selected, click on Add to have them reflected in your campaign

  • You can also personalize your added image or video by selecting Personalize option

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to support are here.