1. Add Page Type and Banner Type in In-store visibility L3

Banners preview will give you details regarding the banners promoted by the brand. We have added additional data like 

  • Page type which is the page in merchant where the banners were identified.
  • Banner type which classifies the banners into two buckets - Promotion & Awareness

2. Channel level Details in Off-store visibility L3

Total engagements section in off-store visibility L3, is replaced by channel level details of the platform. Below listed data regarding each platform will be captured from the official handles of the brand.

  • Youtube - Videos, Subscribers, Views.
  • Facebook - Followers, Likes.
  • Instagram - Followers, Following, Posts.
  • Twitter - Tweets, Likes, Followers

3. Top Inspirations at category level in Offstore visibility L3

The new feature added as a drop down option in the Inspirations preview section will give you a preview of the top inspirations that are contributing to highest engagement change in the selected category/node.

The data will help us in identifying the top brands who has the highest share of voice and also identify the inspirations that contributed for this.

4. Visibility metric in Product card 

We have enabled the visibility section from the product card which is accessible from the Sales velocity L3 as well as Discoverability Metric.

This feature will give you insights about the relationship of the product with the share of voice on top e-commerce website as well as social media platforms.

We establish this relation by identifying the banners promoted in merchant sites and the inspirations tracked in various social media channels of the brand.

Instore - Preview the banners identified in the merchant that promotes the brand and product.
Also gives you further data on the days in which the banners appeared in the month along with the page in which this was located.

Offstore - Preview the inspirations in which the product got promoted on various social media platforms. This will help with preview of inspirations across all platforms and hence product card becomes a wrapper where we can compare the sales trend of promoted products.