With this release you will observe the following changes in the Ad Builder module of Discovery Commerce Cloud App:

Renaming of Discovery Commerce template to Multi-channel Commerce

The template that was known earlier as Discovery Commerce has been renamed to Multi-channel Commerce. There is no other change to its existing functionality.

Introducing a new template Single Retailer Commerce

We are introducing a new template by name Single Retailer Commerce that will allow the user more control on deciding the destination of an Ad in the media platform. 

This template helps by:

  1. Allowing the user to set up a custom landing page as the destination for the hero creative of the Ad.
  2. Allowing the user to direct the traffic from individual product card to either the PDP page or Cart (for supported e-tailer only) page of a e-tailer that Shopalyst supports.

Self signup to Google Ads platform 

This feature allows the user to connect their Google Ad Account with Shopalyst by simply signing in using their google ads credentials. This simplifies the earlier process where the user had to access the Google Ads account to grant us the required permission.