Shopalyst helps brands craft brilliant bite-size brand experiences using our no-code landing page builder. With ready-to-use widgets for D2C, comparison shopping, and store locators – it literally takes minutes to activate an omnichannel path to purchase. 

We have ready-to-use templates based on the marketing objectives- search, social, display, and video – it is easier than ever before to meet digital consumers in moments that matter and connect, engage, and sell in one seamless journey. 

We will walk you through how we can deploy ready-to-use templates to create Landing pages in the following steps:

Step 1- Below are the different types of templates based on Marketing Objectives. 

Shopalyst also offer AI-based page creator- MAIA to speed up your page creation process.

Step 2- Select one of the templates based on your marketing objective. We will take you through all the templates one by one

  • Storyboard is the recommended template since it features the best content & commerce. Attached is a preview of how it'll look

  • MAIA AI page creator- A template that creates a page with a banner, instagram posts, and products) to speed up your page creation process by using the shortcuts available or give a brief one-line description of the page

  • Product Discovery- A template that combines a banner, product carousel, and product description, optimized for search-based campaigns. You can include the articles and add meta tags, including the description and keywords. Know more about the details here

  • AwarenessA template optimized to educate and boost awareness of your product

  • DiscoveryA template optimized for delivering a highly visual and inspiring experience for people who are ready to engage with your brand

  • SalesA template optimized to give an easy path to purchase so that the interested people can buy your product

  • User RegistrationA template meant to allow users to register for a service optimized for search-based campaigns

PS- Templates are not editable since they are best optimized based on the objective. If you need a custom template then you can build as per your requirements using a storyboard template

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to support is here.