Now that we are well versed in the creation of a Landing page based on the campaign objective it is imperative to track the performance of what is the action that users are taking on it. 

Our dashboard reports 4 key dimensions i.e. Consumer, Channel, Catalog & Commerce, and each of these offer your insights on factors that influence consumer engagement and sell-through. 

Track the performance of your landing page on multiple dimensions and utilize the data to target and optimize your campaigns for better results. Each dimension below provides important metrics and insights into your user actions on the landing page.

Channel data provides you Insights on traffic sources across owned and Paid Media. traffic sources are broadly classified as Social, Video, Search, And Display. Further drill down is available for various shopper engagement life cycle stages like Product View, Add To Cart, and Conversion.

Consumer data provides you insights into shopper's device information and the number of unique and repeated users for the selected period of time

Catalog data provides you Insights on "On-Shelf Availability" for the products across retailers in real-time. Additionally, discounts by merchants for the SKUs are also available to visualize.

Commerce data provides you insights on retailer-based segmentation for conversion based on 3 key metrics - Store View, Product View & Add To Cart along with top-selling products across retailers

Now you know the key metrics available from all the dimensions, the instructions available in the following image will help you generate the data for your landing pages.

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to the support team are here.

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