Widget Name: Stories

It's an Instagram Story-like feature for mobile & desktop view with a slider option. Each story will have a small icon that is clickable. Each image acts as its own inspiration data. It could be an article, Twitter post, Instagram, or Facebook feed. It can also feature a ‘Shop now’ product as well. 

Each click on the image will open a popup if the inspiration is an Instagram, Facebook feed, or Twitter post. It will open up a PDP if it is linked to a product. 

Here is an example page that is using the Stories Landing page, you can add up to 3 stories on a landing page

Follow the below steps to use the Stories Widget:

  1. Click on Create Landing page under the Experience app

  2. Select Stories from the widget library

  3. You can enter a Story name (optional)

  4. Click on ‘Add a page to your Story’ 

  5. Upload an image or paste an image URL. Recommended dimension is 400x600

  6. pixels and the maximum file size allowed is 2 MB

  7. Under ‘Additional Options’, you have 2 options, they are mentioned below along with instructions available in the video clip. 

    7.1 Instructions available 
    here to create stories using an Article, Twitter link, Insta post/profile, or Facebook post

    7.2 Instructions available here to create stories with Shop Now option

Step 8: Once you have added the story, click on ‘Save’

Are you looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to the support team are here.