We have enabled the Ratings card L3 view in Buyability metric. Please find below the detailed description regarding each visualizations.

Score : Share of the brand with respect to the rating score. Rating score is computed considering two factors: Number of ratings and the average rating received for the products of the brand in the merchant site.

Product Distribution : On  a scale of 0 - 100 of the rating score, the no of products that falls in various ranges of ratings score.

Top Brands Distribution : Shows the top brands with respect to rating score share in the selected merchant. This data will give you an insight about which brand tops the category with respect to the rating score and also where do we stand amongst the competitors.

Brand Rating Group: Shows the product distribution(i.e, no of products) that falls within various rating score ranges of top brands as well as self brand and hence will help in a comparitive study of how your brands products are rated against the top rated brands of the category. 

Top Rated Products : Shows the top rated products of your brand in the selected category. This list is sorted based on the computed rating score which is a derivative of the number of ratings as well as the average rating received for the product.

We also have a filter to view the top rated products of the category by selecting the "All Brands" option from the drop down