With this release we have enabled the L3 of Discounting in Buyability metric. This will give an insight on the price distribution,discounting strategy of the brand as well as the top brands operating in the category.

Average Discount : This is the average discount that the brand offers for its products in the selected hierarchy

Products Pricing : This box plot visualization will explain you the price range distribution of your brand in the respective merchant sites. Minimum product price, Maximum product price, Median of the price values, what price ranges 50% of your products falls etc are some inference from the visualization

For example, in the above example, we could see that 50% of loreal paris products are closely priced (betoween 630 - 869), however 50% of the products are in a wider price range (299 - 630)

Brand Discount Group : This data will tell you in what price segments the brand has given the highest discount %. We segregate the pricing into 4 buckets like Value, Budget, Premium and Luxury. We can also compare the brands data against the top brands operating in the category.

Brand Pricing Group : This data will give you details regarding which price segment does the brand has the highest contribution. That is, the number of products the brand offers in each price segment (Value, Budget, Premium and Luxury). We can also compare the similar data against the top brands operating in the category.

Top Discounted Products :  This data will give you the preview of the products for which the highest discount was offered for the brand.