Settings Page

Logon to your BigCommerce merchant account (store account) and click on the “Settings” link and navigate to the API section. Here click on “API Accounts”

Create API Account

From the “API Accounts” screen add a new API key using “Create API Account”

In the next screen provide a “Name” for the API account and the below mentioned OAuth scopes and Save

Add Scopes

OAuth scope

Products -> read-only : For keeping the catalog and inventory updated

Orders -> read-only : For getting the full funnel user journey

Cart -> modify : For adding item to cart for checkout

Share the token

Share this access token with Shopalyst Team

The access token will be used to read the catalog, enable remote cart and create webhooks which will keep the product & inventory in-sync and help get the full funnel user journey

Share preview code

If the store is not yet live, please share the Preview code with Shopalyst Team.