Audience Library is built to help marketers to manage and create audiences from different media platforms in a single place. This approach offers a scaleable combination of first-party and third-party audiences to target with precision in every campaign, on every platform.

The audience listing screen helps you filter the saved audiences based on the Brand and Ad Platform along with the audience sizing and the source of the audiences. Find the instructions to create your first audience in this article

Advance Filter Option for Audience Builder

We have simplified the advanced filter options for Audience Source, Audience Type & Audience Segments by grouping the values based on available platforms thus providing a more organized and streamlined experience. 

This results in a more organized and streamlined selection process, presenting users with relevant options and significantly improving overall usability. As a default behavior, all audience sources will be displayed, ensuring effortless access to the complete set of options.

Audience type tagging for Shopalyst suggested audiences

Shopalyst presents various types of recommended audiences: Interest, keyword, Behaviour & Hashtag-based audiences to enhance user convenience that introducing a novel tag on the listing screen. You can find the tagging function which helps to identify the Audience level (2P, 3P) & targeting segments (Interests, behaviors, hashtags, keywords, and in-market affinity). This tag serves the purpose of conveniently identifying the audience types directly from the listing screen itself.

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to support are here.