With this release, we introduce additional options that allow you to take informed decision on the targeting to be used for campaigns in media platforms. 

This includes additional filtering options in the audience selection screen. 

  1. Audience Source - You may filter audiences based on the source platform where they were created. This filter will have values like Shopalyst Suggested Audience and Shopalyst Saved Audience to filter out audiences that were created via Shopalyst's platform. You will also get to choose from values (like Look Alike Audience, Custom Audience, User List etc) that are supported by the various media platforms that we have integrated with.
  2. Audience Type - Our backend systems have built-in intelligence to identify and classify the type of audience and this information can then be used to pnpoint the type of audience that you want to attach in your campaigns. This dropdown will have the following values
    • Acquisition - These are group of audiences that are either curated by the platform (like Interest and Behaviour in Facebook & Affinity and In Market in Google Ads) or audiences that you yourself have curated (like Look Alike audience in Facebook and Similar audience in Google Ads).
    • Retention - These are audiences that have interacted with your assets (like Website or Facebook Page) and collected by the respective media platforms.
    • Re-marketing - These are retention audiences who have shown an intent to purchase. 

Please click here for further information on the audience builder and related functionalities.