This report provides you with a holistic view of Pre & Post click data for all your campaigns, and the data is delivered via email in Excel format for further analysis.

This report provides a complete overview of the performance of your campaigns, from the initial click all the way through to the final conversion. With the Full Funnel Report, you'll be able to understand the impact of your advertising efforts and optimize your strategies for better results.

Below is the list of attributes for setting a campaign

1. Currency: The currency you use to pay for your Ads subscriptions

2. Campaign Total Budget: Amount of money that you want to spend on showing people your ads

3. Campaign Daily Budget: Amount that you want to spend each day

4. Campaign Targeting Locations: The Geo-location data in a full-funnel report gives you more visibility into the demographics and locations of your audience. 

For the full list of fields, please log in to the Discovery Commerce Platform.

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