Shopalyst offers a range of animation themes and widgets to enhance your online shopping experience. 

Animated Theme

The experience module provides a way to include animations on your Landing, which can enhance the user experience by making it more interesting & engaging.

Enhance your webpage by adding engaging animations. There are multiple animations available in the library such as - bubbles, Snow, Stars, Confetti, fireworks & bubbles.

To add animation theme to your landing page, follow these steps:

  • Create a new landing page or edit an existing one
  • Select your brand and go to the storyboard setup screen
  • Open the animations widget from the selected widgets section
  • Choose the animation theme of your desire from the available suggestion
  • The animation widget is available for both desktop and mobile

Animated widgets

These widgets grab the user's attention using motion animation that uses a combination of images & text which seamlessly blends into the page as the user scrolls through the page. The animated widgets enable you to perform the following actions.

Feature section: This widget enables you to highlight the features of your products and adds a path to purchase.

Text Animation: This widget enables you to showcase more information about products

Steps to create:

  • Go to the experience module and create a new landing page or edit an existing one.
  • Select your brand and go to the storyboard setup screen.
  • Select the feature section/Text animation under the animation widget.
  • Choose the animation type and add the details like title, description, Image upload, font color and select the products which you want to feature.
  • Save the details and proceed to publish the campaign.

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to support are here.