Shopalyst supports the "Latest SDF download" option in the Discovery Commerce for DV360, the system automatically fetches the SDF version that is supported by the ad account in the platform. This ensures a seamless and up-to-date experience, aligning the SDF version precisely with the ad account version in DV360.

The latest Structured Data Files (SDF) for Display & Video 360 platform (v7) as the new version supports richer ad formats and creative options.We still continue to support SDF v6 and v5.5. More information about the fields introduced in SDF 7 can be seen here.

In the Shopalyst Platform, the following fields are added to input sheets to process the information in SDF 7. We encourage customers who are on versions older than 6 and 5.5 to start planning their upgrade to the latest version.

v7 Field changes


v6 Field changes

Fields that are added to input sheets to process the information in SDF 5.5

The SDF (Structured Data File) files of the newest version (v7) can be downloaded for campaigns created via media plan upload in Discovery Commerce.

To use the new version, navigate to the Automations --> Explore menu, locate the corresponding campaign, and under the Actions tab, access the option to download the SDF v7 file. 

Currently, all versions are available for download. 

Additionally, you also have the capability to fetch the latest SDF (Structured Data Files) directly from the DV360 platform. This automatic fetch is initiated from the platform by clicking the Download option available under the Action menu for each campaign.

Upon a successful SDF fetch from your campaign via Discovery Commerce, you will receive both a notification within the Discovery Commerce dashboard and an email. These notifications provide you with the option to download the fetched SDF files.

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to support are here