You can view/preview the audience, ad video, and landing page at once in the enhanced preview screen while creating the discovery commerce ad

The Recommendations widget by default provides an appropriate target audience, ad video, and landing page format based on your specific Ad campaign objectives. 

The following paragraphs provide comprehensive information regarding each of the cards.


Based on the template selected, Shopalyst recommends default audiences for the campaign.

Templates such as the CAC, Multi Commerce, and Single retailer templates are recommended for audience Acquisition and the LTV template is recommended for re-marketing audiences. 

Audience Filtering option during campaign creation:

Audience Source: This filter will have values like Shopalyst Suggested Audience and Shopalyst Saved Audience to filter out audiences that were created via Shopalyst's platform. You will also get to choose from values (like Lookalike Audience, Custom Audience, User List, etc) that are supported by the various media platforms that we have integrated with.

Audience Type - Our backend systems have built-in intelligence to identify and classify the type of audience and this information can then be used to pinpoint the type of audience that you want to attach to your campaigns. This dropdown will have the following values.

Acquisition - These are the groups of audiences that are either curated by the platform (like Interest and Behaviour in Facebook & Affinity and In Market in Google Ads) or audiences that you yourself have curated (like Look Alike audience in Facebook and Similar audience in Google Ads). 

Retention - These are audiences that have interacted with your assets (like Website or Facebook Page) and collected by the respective media platforms. 

Re-marketing - These are retention audiences who have shown an intent to purchase.

To create an effective ad campaign, follow the below steps:

  1. Choose a suitable template.
  2. Select an engaging ad creative.
  3. Choose the products you want to advertise.
  4. Select the platform where you want to run your ads.
  5. In the next step, you will see the preview screen that shows the audience, ad creative, and the landing page in one single view.
  6. On the left under the Audience section, use the dropdown menu to select a different audience type and view corresponding recommendations.
  7. Preview recommended audiences by clicking the preview icon.
  8. To select additional audiences, click the edit icon. 
  9. (please check the below GIF for reference).      


This widget provides personalized recommendations for Ad formats based on the selected template and platform. We offer three creative formats, which are dynamic and are determined by the chosen hero creative type (image or video) as well as the specific platform being utilized.

For the carousel Ad format, it will have the hero creative followed by product creatives embellished with ratings and prices. 

The short video formats are auto-assembled based on the hero creative and products and it allows for a dynamic creative experience with transitions and music. You can know more about short-video ad format here.

Know more about different actions available on the card:

  • For video formats, you can play the video to view the actual video which is generated.
  • Can download the creative assets. 
  • Can customize the theme and music of the video creative by clicking on the edit icon.
  • (please check the below GIF for reference).

Landing Page

Shopalyst recommends the landing page based on the template selected. The recommended landing page will have pre-selected widgets that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

There are three types of landing page options available: Brand Awareness, Prospecting, and Conversion. 

  • For Multichannel and Single retailer templates, we recommend the Brand Awareness landing page. 
  • For the CAC template, the Prospecting landing page is the best choice. 
  • And for the LTV template, we suggest using the Conversion landing page.

In addition, you have the flexibility to customize your landing page further by editing the theme or adding other widgets. To do this, simply click on the edit icon. You can also copy the landing page URL for easy sharing.

(please check the below GIF for reference). 

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to support are here.