New ad formats in the form of Short Videos, and an enhanced preview screen that shows the audience, ad creative, and the landing page in one single view are available in the discovery commerce campaign creation workflow.

Follow the below steps to start creating a Short Ad video: 

  • After following all the steps provided in the article `Using Shopalyst's Recommendations for Creating Discovery Commerce Campaigns` you will reach the preview screen that shows the audience, ad creative, and landing page in one single view. 
  • Here under the ‘Ad’ section in the middle of the screen. Click on the drop-down and select one of the ‘short video’ options. 
  • Click on the play icon below in the Ad preview here you will see the in-progress loader and which means the video starts generating.
  • this might take some time and it depends on the type of creative and number of products selected. you can either wait or go ahead and save the campaign and come back later to check if the video is generated. (as shown in the below preview GIF)

How to know if video generation was successful or failed?

  • Under the Ad section, you will be able to see a notification indicating whether the video generation process was successful. In the event of failure, you will receive an option under Ad Preview to retry the video generation.

  • The platform also offers real-time notifications regarding the status of short video/carousel generation during the campaign creation process whether the generation process was successful or if there were any issues or failures encountered. 

If you have changed any Ad asset like creative or products, you will be notified about the change in the asset and if you wish to proceed with the regeneration of the video.

Publish button for the campaigns for which platforms the Ad account is connected will be only enabled once the video generation is completed so the user gets to view the final creative and verify it before publishing the campaign.

Download  Video

After the video is generated you can go ahead and publish the campaign if that platform's Ad account is connected and for platforms, Ad account integration is not yet done we have got it covered! You can still download the Creative assets and copy the Landing Page URL and use it.

(as shown in the below preview)

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to support are here.