Below is the list of steps to be followed in order to prepare and publish an RNF campaign via the Shopalyst AdsBuilder platform on FaceBook. 

1. Navigate to Media Upload Screen: 

Begin by accessing the system by logging in with the required credentials. Once logged in, navigate to Media Upload Screen under Automation Module. In the Media Upload Screen, choose Facebook Platform and select 'Reach and Frequency' as the Buying Type. This will enable the RNF template. After selecting the RNF template, download it to your local device. This will allow you to access and edit the template offline.

2. Fill in details:


Open the downloaded template, which should be in a spreadsheet format, and locate the 'Input' sheet. Refer to the 'Instructions' sheet to gather the necessary details and populate the 'Input' sheet with the information about the campaign. Once the 'Input' sheet is filled with the required details, the template will resemble the provided screenshot. 

3. Upload the template:


After completing the template with the appropriate information, return to the AdsBuilder System and proceed to upload the filled template. This step helps to transfer the campaign details from the template to the platform. Confirm that the upload process is completed without any errors or issues by hovering over the status option.

4. Campaign ready for publishing:


After successfully uploading the campaign template and ensuring the request is processed, the next step is to select the Publish option in the actions tab related to the campaign. This action will redirect you to the Campaign Listing Screen, which is a dedicated page displaying a comprehensive list of all campaigns that have been published or are currently active.

Below is the view of the Campaign Listing Screen. The campaigns that have a status displayed in green indicate that they have been successfully published to the Facebook Platform.

5. Validate in Facebook Ads Manager (optional) : 

To view the ads and the predictions created for the Reach and Frequency ads, you can navigate to the Facebook Ads Manager. Within the campaign view, you will find information about the ad sets and individual ads associated with the Reach and Frequency campaign. This provides insights and predictions related to the Reach and Frequency of your ads. These predictions can help you estimate the expected reach and frequency of your campaign based on the defined parameters.

6. Creative Connect: 

Once the prediction is set up, the next step is to update the creative before the campaign commences. In order to do so, you may navigate to Media Upload Screen -> Upload Media Plan -> Attach Creative. On this screen, you'll have the option to choose the specific brand and utilize the provided template to seamlessly attach the creative assets to the campaign that has already been established.

7.  Upload Creative Template: 

To update the template for attaching creatives, simply refer to the accompanying instructions sheet within the template. Once you have made the necessary updates, proceed to the attach creative screen and upload the modified template. Wait for the status indicator to turn green, indicating a successful upload and processing of the updated creative.

After successfully attaching the creative, the final step is to publish the campaign. Navigate to the Campaign Listing screen and locate the "Actions" tab. Within this tab, you will find the "Publish" option. Click on "Publish" to proceed, and a preview of the Ad details will be displayed. Confirm the campaign publication by selecting the publish icon, and then you can see the campaign status transitioning to green color implying the Campaign is successfully updated in the platform.

8. Meta Brand Lift Study (BLS) in Ads Builder: 

Brand Lift is a powerful advertising measurement tool provided by Facebook that enables businesses to assess the impact of their advertising campaigns on key brand metrics. It provides you an understanding of how the ads are influencing consumer perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors. 

This measurement tool is available in Discovery Commerce app and can be used to access the performance of your meta-ad campaigns. Click here to know how to include BLS support for your RnF campaigns.

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to the support team are here.