Brand Lift is a powerful advertising measurement tool provided by Facebook that enables businesses like yours to assess the impact of your advertising campaigns on key brand metrics. It helps you to understand how the ads are influencing consumer perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors. 

If your Facebook Ad Account supports setting up Reach and Frequency campaigns with BLS, you can now publish them from Shopalyst Discovery Commerce Cloud and make use of the enhanced Audience Targeting and Creatives in your campaigns. This feature is now available when you create RnF campaigns via Plan uploads. 

To upload the RNF Campaigns with BLS support, follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to the Plan Uploads section under Automation. Select Platform as Facebook and "Reach and Frequency Ads" as the Template. 

2. Next step is to upload the template with BLS value marked as Yes and Submit the request . If there are no validation errors in the sheet, the upload request will be successful, and you can proceed to do BLS Publish to create the shell campaign via Automations -> Explore -> Actions Option.

3. After the shell campaign is created, an email will be sent to you containing the BLS report. This report can be shared with the Facebook team for setting up BLS audiences.

The format of the report will be as below:

4. Once the Facebook team reserves the audience, you can proceed by taking action on the "Reserve Inventory" option under the Actions section. After initiating this, you will receive a report via email confirming the reservation of the inventory.

The report will have the following structure:

By completing the above steps, the status of the campaign will be updated to "Audience reserved in platform," indicating the successful completion of the necessary actions.

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to the support team are here.