Shopalyst provides a plug-in that can be installed in your system and added as an extension to your Google Chrome browser. The plug-in provides you details about the audience tracked as well as metadata on the events fired on the actions on your landing page.

The information regarding various platforms for which the tags or pixels are fired for your landing page can be viewed below:

The various events fired from the landing page help you to assess the shopper actions that happened on your landing page. This can be viewed from the data exposed in the Metadata section of the plugin.

Following are the standard events exposed by Shopalyst landing pages.

  • Store View

  • Product View
  • Add to Cart
  • Conversion

Details regarding the characteristics or traits of the products listed on your landing page are also available in the Shopper Traits section.

If you would like to install this plug-in please reach out to our support team. Instructions to reach our support team are available here.