In Discovery Commerce under automation, Bulk upload is an option where you can create a new Facebook campaign or update the existing Facebook campaign. 

While doing the bulk upload you have an option to either select "Discovery Commerce template" or "Standard ads template" based on the type of campaigns that needs to be uploaded. 

For any custom template, you need to communicate the requirement with Shopalyst. Once these requirements are fully understood, the Shopalyst team will proceed to implement the template within the Shopalyst Ad platform and readily available for use.

For more details about the templates please click here.

Follow the below steps to create a Facebook campaign with Bulk uploads.

1. To upload your media plan, navigate to the "plan upload" screen in the "ads builder" and click on the "upload media plan" button.                                                                    

2. Select the Media platform as "Meta" and select the template type as from the drop-down 

3. The upload template contains two tabs: "Instructions" and "Data Sheet." Review the instructions in the sheet carefully before updating the template. To ensure a successful upload, ensure that all mandatory fields are filled in.                                     

  • While selecting "Discovery Commerce template" under "Column K" in that sheet, you will get an option to update the Placements, in that column you can select the placement in Platform to display ads, allowed values are: Facebook Feeds, Instagram Feeds, Facebook & Instagram Feeds.
  • Similarly, you will also get an option to select and update the objective of the campaign in the same sheet under "Column E" this column helps in defining the objective of the marketing campaign which can be among these 3 allowed values: Traffic, Awareness, Engagement
  • Whereas when working on a "Lead gen" campaign when you select "Standard ads template"once you download the file you need to update the "Input Data" tab of the spreadsheet, locate the column C. To activate the necessary option, input "Leads" under the "Campaign Objective" field, add input "FB Feed or IG feed" under "Placement, add the "Lead Generation Form Name" in column AC, and fill in the input "Learn More" for the call to action in column AD. You can refer to the accompanying screenshot for visual guidance.
  • You have the option to select Engagement under `Campaign Objective` field in the media plan upload template in column C

Steps to use

Input "Engagement" under the "Campaign Objective" column in the media plan upload template and proceed to customize your targeting, budget, and schedule as usual.

This enhancement empowers advertisers to create more meaningful connections with their audience, driving visibility and active engagement with their brand.

  • Leveraging Facebook Posts for Ads:  You can leverage their existing Facebook posts as ad creatives. This will saves time but also ensure a consistent brand voice across all your marketing efforts.


            Steps to use:

During the ad plan upload, provide the ID of the Facebook post you wish to advertise in the designated "Facebook Post Id" in column o

This empowers advertisers to make the most of their successful organic content, extending their reach and impact through paid promotions.

  • Placing Ads on Instagram Explore: You can extend their ad reach to the Explore feed on Instagram. This allows to connect with users who are actively seeking and discovering content aligned with their interests.By placing your ads you have the opportunity to engage with a wider audience and enhance the overall impact of your campaigns.

 Steps to use:

Provide "IG Explore" as the input as a "Placements" for column I.

This ensures that your ads are strategically placed in the Explore feed, maximizing their visibility and impact.

4. Once you have filled out the template, upload it and click on "Create Campaign." If the upload is completed, you will be directed to the "plan upload" screen.

Review the status in the plan upload screen, and you will find 3 different status that is as follows:

  1. Status
  1. Color
  1. Description
  1. Processing
  1. Orange
  1. Your request is currently being processed, and it will take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete.
  1. Complete
  1. Green
  1. Your upload is successful and campaigns are live on the Ads platform
  1. Failed
  1. Red
  1. The upload process has failed. To learn more about why it failed, click on the "click here" button. Instructions to fix the errors and re-upload your plan are available here

  • Please go to the "Upload Plan" screen to verify the status of your upload.

  • Upon completion of this process, you will receive a notification in the top-right corner of the application, as illustrated below.

The Final step to activate the campaign is to publish them, and here are the instructions to publish your campaigns.

For more information on creating campaigns via bulk media upload, follow this link.

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to support are