With the latest release, we are excited to announce a few enhancements to our platform, offering a more versatile and comprehensive experience for Meta campaign creation via our standard media plan upload template:

1. Support for Engagement as an Objective

Advertisers can now optimize their campaigns for engagement, focusing on maximizing interactions. This objective is ideal for those seeking to enhance brand awareness and foster a vibrant online community.

How to Use: Provide "Engagement" as input in the "Campaign Objective" column. Customize your targeting, budget, and schedule as usual, and watch your engagement metrics soar.

2. Using Facebook Post for your ad

Users can leverage existing Facebook posts as ad creatives, streamlining the ad creation process and ensuring a seamless integration with their organic content. This enables advertisers to maintain a consistent brand voice and easily repurpose high-performing posts for paid promotions.

How to Use: Provide the ID of the Facebook post that you want to advertise in the "Facebook Post Id" column while uploading your plan.

3.  Place your ads on Instagram Explore

By expanding ad visibility to the Explore feed on Instagram, advertisers can tap into a wider audience and connect with users who are actively discovering content tailored to their interests. This placement is designed to enhance campaign reach and engagement on Instagram.

How to Use: Provide "IG Explore" as input for column "Placements" while uploading your plan.