1. Geography Targeting

  • Introducing Geography Include as a new filter option, enabling advertisers to refine their ad campaigns based on specific geographic locations.
  • Users can search for any kind of geographic locations supported across all media platforms and select one or more locations to apply the filter.
  • This filter has been added to the following modules:
    • Automation - Explore
    • Performance - Full Funnel Campaigns / All Campaigns

2. Multi-select filters

  • Users can now select multiple values in most filters that used to support single values previously, allowing for more flexible filtering options.
  • This enhancement provides users with greater control and customisation in refining their ad search criteria effectively improving the usability to a great extent.
  • Multi-selection is now supported on the following filters:
    Automation - Explore
    Performance - Full Funnel Campaigns
    Performance - All Campaigns
    • Platform
    • Brand
    • Destination Site Host
    • Campaign Types
    • Campaign Objectives
    • Ad Formats
    • Geography Include
    Audience - Explore
    • Platform
    • Brand