As a brand, now you must be very curious to see the BKG leaderboard for your own brand after reading through the power of the visualizations we present in there and the digital presence measured against the competitors from the same category. Just get in touch with our brand solutions team to enrol yourself on the Shopalyst BKG leaderboard.


To understand how the Shoplayst BKG leaderboard is put up read this article

To get a high-level view of the 4 pillars of the Shopalyst BKG leaderboard read this article

Add your brand to Shopalyst BKG

We already scrape and process few mainstream hierarchies and have the functional BKG leaderboard in place. From these existing hierarchies if few nodes need to be enabled that can be done in a week's time post programmatically validating the node correctness. Brand solutions team will get into the competitor list which needs to be made available on the leaderboard and enable views accordingly. This might take 5 to 7 days.

If the BKG leaderboard request is for a hierarchy which is currently not scrapped and processed by default or if the competitor list has few additional brands that what we currently scrape and process, our team will get back to you on the feasibility in 1 week, and once the feasibility is positive the leaderboard would be ready in 5 week's time.


Access to Shopalyst BKG

Once the leaderboard is developed, your users can rase request for the specific access that they are looking for. The access will be allocated within a day.


Sign up with us

The welcome emails are sent out to all the individual users with the link to sign in. You can use the user mail ID as the username to log in and reset the password on the first login.

Navigate with ease on the leaderboard for the first time

You may want to refer to the video explaining the navigation for first-time users by clicking here