This section has details of the factors that impact the offstore visibility score of a brand under a selected category across the 4 social handles: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter.

Shown below is the L3 view(in-depth view) under offstore visibility.

The details shown are 

  1. Score
  2. New engagements
  3. Channel details
  4. Top brands distribution
  5. Shoppable inspiration
  6. Social links distribution
  7. Inspirations

The offstore visibility score represents the visibility score of the selected brand for Facebook handle. Similarly the score can be viewed by clicking the different tabs - Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.The new engagements for the month are shown in terms of the number of posts and likes along with the month-on-month change in these 2 parameters. The number of followers and likes for the channel is also captured.

Shown below is the top brand distribution shown in 4 quartiles. The selected brand is in the 50th percentile. The colour code in the tree graph represents the brand's presence in the respective quartile as shown.

The shoppable inspiration% indicates the percentage of the inspirations that had shoppable links. The social link distribution represents the percentage of the inspirations that were routed to articles, brand store, social media links, etc

Also, Shopalyst BKG leaderboard shows the top inspirations of the particular brand for the selected social media handle.

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