This section has details of the pricing and discounting that impact the buyability score of a brand under a selected category.

Shown below is the L3 view(in-depth view) in pricing & discounting

All the 3 merchant details would be available for the selected brand.

Discounting score: This section shows the discounting score of the brand on the selected merchant for the last 3 months with the score growth/de-growth percentage highlighted. The discount score is a function of the discount percentage and the number of days for which discount was available at the product level.

Product pricing: This section shows the pricing bands of all the products in the category and the pricing of the selected brand in a box plot enabling you to compare your brand's pricing with that of the category.

The price segments are divided into 4 based on the median value as follows

I.   Value

ii.  Budget

iii. Premium

iv. Luxury

Top brands distribution: This section shows the top brands by score in the selected merchant and the colour of the brand in the chart represents the quartile in which the brand is present.

Brand pricing group: This section shows the top 5 brands inclusive of the selected brand with the product count in the 4 pricing bands.

Average discount: This section enables you to compare the average discount percentage of your brand vs the top brands in the category vs the category average discount itself.

Brand discount group: This section shows the top 5 brands inclusive of the selected brand with the discount% in the 4 pricing bands.

Top available products: The top discounted products of the brand can be seen in this section. The top product derivation is based on the discount percentage and the discount days.


You can click on the link and see the product details on the merchant in a pop-up along with the availability calendar and the discount details of the particular product for the month under buyability metric.

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