The rating score is calculated based on the number of ratings and the average rating of all the products under the brand within the same category.

Shown below is the L3 view(in-depth view) in rating.

All the 3 merchant details would be available for the selected brand.

Rating score: This section shows the rating score of the brand on the selected merchant for the last 3 months with the growth/de-growth percentage highlighted.

Product distribution: This section shows how many products of the selected brand under the selected merchant are on the scales of rating scores <25, 25-50, 50-75 and 75-100.

Top brands distribution: This section shows the top brands by rating score in the selected merchant and the colour of the brand in the chart represents the quartile in which the brand is present.

Brand rating group: This section shows the top 5 brands inclusive of the selected brand with the rating in the 4 rating score quartiles.

Top available products: The top-rated products of the brand can be seen in this section.

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