An important step in understanding your target audience is to go beyond learning their demographic information. Our Audience Library helps you to curate, manage & explore the interests/keywords and save the audiences on all major platforms like Facebook, GoogleAds and TikTok.

The audience library is pre-loaded with the Recommended Primary, Secondary & Tertiary audiences along with the custom audiences which you can create under the audience library. 

The Primary Audiences are the most relevant audiences for your brands followed by, Secondary and Tertiary Audiences. This will help you optimize your campaign budgets and explore audiences from corresponding product categories. The saved audiences are ready to deploy while you are creating the campaigns using the Shopalyst Ad Builder platform.

The following articles provide you with detailed information and instructions to curate and manage your audiences in the Audience Library.

The Audience creation flow for platforms like GoogleAds & Facebook Ads is available in the following clip:

More information on Recommended Audience is mentioned below:

The Primary Audience includes the most relevant interests for the primary category of the products. e.g. Primary audiences for Lipstick products will have audiences curated from the lipstick product category.

The Secondary Audience includes the relevant interests from the adjacent product categories, such as Makeup products (Face powder, Foundation, Concealer, etc...)

The Tertiary Audiences includes the interests and keywords from the broader product categories, such as Beauty, Skin Care, Personal Care, Fashion & style, etc...

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