We help you monitor your campaign performance periodically by scheduling the important reports for you, this can help you optimize and take the right decisions to achieve your campaign goals.

There are multiple reports we schedule for you based on Pre-Click and Post-Click activities. Pre-Click reports include the data from your Ad-campaigns from different media platforms, whereas the Post-click reports include the data from your landing page performances.

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Pre Click
Post Click
Basic Campaign Performance ReportShoppable Media Performance Report 
Full Funnel MarketingLanding page Summary Report 
Audience Subscription Alert

Custom Reports

While we offer comprehensive reporting templates, we recognize the importance of custom reporting and we can provide you with the required reports on demand. Our Support team members will help you schedule the reports and create the templates that meet your needs. Instructions to reach out to support are here.

Here are some custom report examples:

Pre ClickPost Click
Campaign & Ad Set FrequencyForm Submission Count
Click TrackerUTM Source
Audience Subscription AlertOn-Shelf Availability

Looking for more help? Instructions to reach out to support are here.