Shopalyst offers a comprehensive yet refreshingly easy platform to power Discovery Commerce for brands.

This platform offers a set of friendly tools to activate cross-platform advertising campaigns, craft delightful and shoppable experiences, get in-depth market intelligence of your brand(s), and find relevant audiences for improving precision targeting. 

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Read more about the various offerings within the Discovery Commerce platform below.

Landing Page Builder

Shopalyst landing page builder is built for marketers to craft and serve a unique landing page experience for campaigns.

No coding is required. Just drag and drop widgets (including shopping actions, social media embeds, video, chat, voice, AR/VR, surveys, and more) in our studio to craft landing pages that suit your ad and audience requirements.

Our easy templates offer optimized shopping journeys for various ad types, and our integrations help you embed authorized content from your brand's presence on popular media and e-commerce platforms.

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Universal Ad builder

Use our marketer-friendly tools to activate cross-platform advertising campaigns, craft delightful and shoppable experiences, get in-depth market intelligence of your brand(s), and improve targeting precision.

Our campaign management tools help automate the set-up, optimization, and tracking of data-driven campaigns across all media platforms including Google Ads, DV360, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon Ads, Twitter, and TikTok among others.

One easy interface with ready-to-deploy templates to build ads and activate them on any media platform with the right targeting and timing.

Monitor and manage all your ad campaigns in one easy dashboard. Leverage our benchmarking tools to optimize ad performance.

  • Learn about the ads-builder features and instructions to manage your campaigns
  • Learn how to create your first Discovery Commerce campaign

Audience Intelligence

Curate a library of brand audiences for the marketing objectives of your campaigns and use them in a consistent manner on all media platforms where you advertise.

You can find the best audiences on media platforms by matching brand shopper traits with corresponding keywords (ex: Google Ads) and interests (ex: Facebook).

Our audience data management platform helps connect you with people who are actively researching or considering a purchase in your category.

Acquire first-party audience data leveraging user actions on your brand's digital assets and on media platforms, and organize segments based on interest, behavioral, and purchase intent traits. 

  • Curate the audience for your campaign by following the instructions here

Market Intelligence

Know your brand's and competitor's visibility & performance on search, social media, video, and e-commerce platforms. Evaluate the impact of pricing and promotions. And plan your advertising, marketing, and eCommerce actions accordingly.

With consumers rapidly evolving to a digital-first lifestyle, advertising and commerce have followed suit and shifted online more than ever before. Brands will need to orchestrate advertising and promotional efforts in line with what digital consumers are seeing, searching for, and buying.

Know the following key metrics of your brand on search, social media, video, and e-commerce platforms Learn More.

  • Share of Shelf
  • Share of Voice
  • Share of Search
  • Pricing & Discounts
  • On-shelf Availability
  • Ratings & Reviews

Landing Page Performance Reports

Our platform offers a holistic view of the performance of all your landing pages in one place, you can start analyzing data to see how visitors are interacting with your landing page. This article helps you to get started with landing page performance reporting.

Our performance monitoring app provides you the reporting solutions for all your digital marketing needs, know more different kinds of reporting solutions we offer in this article

Full Funnel Reporting

Powered by our integrations with popular media platforms, we help brands get access to real-time data on campaign performance. Organized as a simple full-funnel view – Visibility, Engagement, and Sell-Thru, every campaign now gets reported on a set of meaningful and actionable metrics.

Get a deeper understanding of how your ads build visibility for your brand, drive engagement with consumers, and influence sales of your products.

We track key metrics on your campaign performance and offer insights based on benchmark data. This helps you make the right action to optimize your ad delivery. 

You can now schedule a custom report to be delivered to your inbox at a frequency of your choice.

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